50 Very Good Request For TA Service

Here are 50 request for service that trading assistantreceived recently. These are some of our "gold nuggets".

Lead 11 A collection of over 400 Barbie dolls all NRFB... I have a list I can e-mail.
Lead 12 jewelry, handbags, Chinese Mahjong antique, enamel pots, antique wooden birdcage, floral wall screen
Lead 13 Entire content of ice cream parlor and used book store. Freezers, espresso machine, soft serve machines(2),tables,chairs,6000 used books, industial fridge, fridge with topping server, warmers for hot toppings, milk shake machine, razzle(Blizzard)machine, cabinet for cones, cups, etc. storage cabinet,6 outside tables with 2 chairs each,mixer,2 waffle makers, time clock
Lead 14 1. Four autographed golf balls each signed by Tiger Woods Each has a certificate of authenticity The 4 balls also have the logos of the 4 major championships that Tiger won which have been known as the Grand Slam.  Want to sell together.

2. SLR camera body:
Minolta Maxxum 7  (absolute mint condition)

3. camera lenses:
minolta AF20-35 (absolute mint condition) minolta AF24-70 (absolute mint condition) minolta AF100-300 (absolute mint condition)

4. Unused ticket to the observation deck of the World Trade Center (absolute mint condition)
Lead 15 darkroom equipment and cameras
 23c Beslers Enlargers (2)  one lamp, one cold light head
3 enlarging lenses; companons 5.6/80mm,companons 1.8/ 105mm, Besler hd 2.8/50mm
2 Saunders Master easels; 16x20, 20x 24
8 beseler negative carriers
1 Peak astigmatic 4x loupe

Beseler enlarger alignment tool
paper safes; 16 x20 plastic, metal with 6 or 7 shelves and an acordian sliding door

seal commercial Ddry mount press model 210

 1 gralab 645 timer
2 Gralab clock timers
1 gralab 650 footswitch
3 focus magnifiers;Micromega,lpl, no name
1 Pelouze scale set
3 Kodak screw in safelights
miscellaneous trays tanks reels etc
1 Aqua spring distiller
print washer  11x14  East
Stree gallery very rare

Nikon f2
Nikon 8008s with 80-200 Tamaron zoom lens
Coolpix 950 with   external battery pack
Minolta  Dimage 7
Olympus 8080

ikon lenses and asselblad equipment and lenses call me
Lead 16 Moving Sale- Miscellaneous household contents including Treadmill (7 month old), projection TV, coca cola machine from 1960's, water cooler, golf clubs bose accoustamass series 5 with base and much more.
Lead 17 I have a collection of Coca Cola memorabilia that belonged to my late aunt.  Some of it is modern, some appears to be antique.  I have no idea of it's value, but had planned to sell it piece by piece on eBay.  I am unexpectedly moving to California, and would rather pay a consignment seller than bring it with me.
Lead 18 bvlgari lady sport watch  bvlgari lady classic watch   bvlgari w/gold b zero ring   cartier white gold love braclet   cartier silver ring   chrome hearts gold tag necklace   marc jacobs grape devon bag   balenciaga brown bag   helmut lang black cashmere coat   helmut lang black leather jacket   1910 french armoire   lucchese cowboy boots
Lead 19 Two Turciu parete 22 Italian hanging chandeliers by Catellani & Smith - Original cost, approximately $3,000.
Two Estoliz  A-1120 wall lamps - Cost to be determined
One Moroccan dining table, approximate cost $1,400
Lead 20 Longaberger Collectors Club Baskets with protectors, liners, & lids (if available) (26).  Longaberger Collectors Club Miniature Baskets (10), with protectors, liners & lids also miniature pottery (7) and Wrought Iron pieces (4).  Miniature baskets can be placed with appropriate pottery and wrought iron and can be sold as one group.  Each miniature is valued at $100 plus each.  Regular size baskets are valued at $50 plus.  All are new and in boxes.

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