Sequence of 50 Actual Request for TA Service

Sequence of 50 consecutive request for service that a trading assistantreceived in June of 2006. No leads were omitted nor added.

Lead 31 Piano (Acrosonic)
Lead 32 I have 2 bedroom chairs - a His and Hers. The His has a squared front and is a little wider than the rounded front of Hers. They are in excellent condition, cream color, extremely comfortable - they might have down pillows? They both have an extra little pillow. I also have 2 Egyptian prints and an oil painting (Amsterdam).
Lead 33 2000 ford focus se
Lead 34 1981 Arcticat Snowmobile and 1994 Arcticat Snowmobiles on a covered (bent in on the sides) trailer
Lead 35 Designer Eyewear - Original, authentic eyewear from designers such as Versace, Christian Dior, Gucci, Ferragamo, Caviar, Chanel, Fendi with an average value of $300 each
Lead 36 Wool Rug, Older Stereo system, in original boxes, including speakers, dining chairs and hutch, 14kt and other jewelry, slightly older, but then top of line bike with less than 20 miles of use, top of line rebounder, cardioglide, bolt of wetsuit fabric, and some higher end plus sized professional clothes.
Lead 37 Chronoswiss Opus wristwatch with Chronoswiss stainless steeel band – sells for $6000+
Lead 38 Antique steamer trunk
Lead 39 Rubber stamps, sometimes called decorative or artistic these are the stamps that crafter use to make cards etc. I have around 2500 stamps, all from PSX which was the best brand in the stamp industry. All the stamps are brand new and PSX is no longer around so these are considered collector items
Lead 40 nokia 7610 phone, unlocked, 1 year old, complete with box. all original parts, no cosmetic damage.

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TA Testimonials

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