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Discover A Simple and Effective Fundraising Solution

Looking for a safe, creative and profitable fundraising activity? Use the power of eBay to generate incredible interest and support - and much needed funds for your organization. When you sell your fundraising items through one of our preferred eBay selling agents, you gain the power of a stellar sales and service feedback reputation, translating into even higher profits. Ask your supporters for their donations. Then let our preferred eBay selling experts take care of the rest.

Get Full-service, VIP Treatment

Don't waste your time driving door-to-door or hauling heavy items. Our preferred eBay selling experts offer free item pickup. Then they do all the work for you, photographing each item, writing ad copy, listing items, managing sales and shipping. Then they send you the proceed check. It's that simple!

Absolutely No Up-Front Cost

Pay nothing until your items sell. Then pay just a small percentage of the sales price as commission, ranging between 20 to 45 percent. Submit an online Selling Request today. A local eBay sales agent will contact you to discuss their complete terms and commission schedule.

Put your next fundraiser online using a professional, profitable eBay sales expert.


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