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Are you liquidating a business or trying to clear out excess inventory? Get a fair and competitive price for your inventory using a professional eBay sales expert. Your products will be listed on eBay, the world's largest marketplace with more than 115 million buyers. Each auction is professionally developed, listed and managed, backing your investment with stellar sales and service feedback, which translates into even higher profits.

By combining eBay's massive market reach with our professional auction selling expertise, you can accelerate the sales of surplus assets while achieving higher returns over traditional liquidation methods. You also save hours of time, gaining full-service convenience and flexibility.

Free Pickup & No Upfront Fees

Our full-service liquidation solution requires no-up-front fees and includes free item pickup, auction listing preparation, inquiry management, item packaging and shipping. We do all the work for you, sending your proceeds check when the sale is complete. What could be easier?


“Terrific eBay seller - the easiest way to sell on eBay.”

“eBay sales with great results. Got top dollar for my used stuff.”

“eBay stores are not as convenient as this eBay service. My used items were picked up from my office!”

“eBay consignment pros do all the work.”