Request Return Policy

When you return a request you receive a new request for your services free of charge. The number of requests you return should not be more than one out of three or 33.3 percent of the requests you have purchased. You can return invalid and low value requests.

Low Value Request: In case the expected eBay sales value of the items in a request is less than $250 you can return the request. That way you are guaranteed that you will not pay for requests that have less than $250 in merchandise.

Invalid Requests: You can return requests for any of the below reasons.

Duplicate: A request from the same person or business of a previous request.
Invalid Contact Information: A request that contains incorrect contact information (i.e. providing no way to contact the prospect, i.e. invalid email and phone number).
Illegal Item to Sell on eBay: Requests that contain only items that are illegal to sell on eBay then you can return the request.
Outside Territory: Requests that are outside your territory.
Not Submitted By Seller: Requests from person who is subsequently proven be a victim of identity theft.
Outside Your Categories: Leads that contain only items that are in eBay categories you specified you do not want to service.

Any Other Reason: You can return requests if you feel that they are for some reason invalid. In such cases we will let you know promptly whether we can accept your return.