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Sell Large Items Quickly and Easily

It can be challenging selling items of worth using local sales outlets like classified ads and web listings. But we can put the same item in front of millions of interested buyers, each competing and pushing up the sales price. Our preferred eBay selling experts provide stellar sales and service reputations, which translate into higher auction returns. They'll come to you, taking ad photos on your premises - on your time.

No Shipping Cost

Worried about shipping hassles? Your eBay selling expert can even arrange for shipping or cater to local buyers who can pick up your large items when it is convenient for you.

Increase Your Audience - And Your Profit!

With over 115 million eBay members, your large items gain the greatest visibility and can acquire a higher sales price than they could on a traditional classified ad or board. Plus, when work with a preferred eBay selling expert, you're assured the highest buyer interest and trust.

No Up-Front Fees

Pay nothing until your items sell. Then pay just a small percentage of the sales price as commission, ranging between 20 to 45 percent. Submit an online Selling Request today. A local eBay sales agent will contact you to discuss their complete terms and commission schedule.

Let us take a load off of your mind. Submit an online Selling Request, today!


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