Sterling Silver Flatware Durgin Gorham Colfax 158 pcs $1856.00
Sterling Flatware Set King Edward w/ chest 28pc Gorham $922.00
Baby Cup Vintage Tiffany & Co Sterling Silver $159.50
Pair of Goblets Gorham Sterling Silver #272 $260.55
4 Matching Candlesticks Reed & Barton Sterling Silver $190.50
c1877 Chamber Candlestick Tiffany Sterling Silver $1347.00
Silver Plate 21" x 15" Christofle Platter Tray Dish $231.50
6 Dessert Spoons Old Gorham Mythologique Sterling $471.67
2pc Serving Tablespoons Old Master Towle Sterling $77.00
Dinner Forks-7 3/4" 5 Gorham Florentine Sterling Silver $151.50
Large Serving Bowl 15.6oz Reed & Barton Sterling Silver $255.00
4 Settings 16-Piece Wallace Rosepoint Sterling Silver $319.99
English Teapot William Eaton 1831 21oz Sterling Silver $435.00
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Flatware sets, serving pieces, fork, knifes, spoons, candlesticks, cups and goblets are very popular items on eBay. The most traded sterling silverware brands are Gorham, International, Towle, Wallace, Reed & Barton, Tiffany, Lunt and Oneida.

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