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eBay Consignment:
Convenient & Trustworthy

eBay is the world's largest marketplace with more than 115 million buyers. Let our professional eBay consignors offer your items to thousands of buyers. Post anything you want - from antiques to jewelry, musical instruments and electronics - on the worldwide auction marketplace in front of competitive collectors and buyers, so you get the best resale price.
eBay consignment will get you a higher resale price than a local consignment store.

eBay Consignment:
Save Time. Enjoy Convenience.

Why bring your items to a consignment shop during limited drop-off hours - which almost never align with your busy work schedule? Submit an online Selling Request today. We'll pick-up your items and sell them for you. No driving, no hauling, no hassles.

eBay Consignment With No Up-Front Fees

Take advantage of our easy and convenient service with no-up-front fees or obligations. Pay nothing until your item sells. Then a small commission of 20 to 45 percent will be pulled from your auction proceeds. Once you submit an online Selling Request, we'll refer the highest qualified, experienced eBay seller in your area.


Let expert eBay sellers auction your valuables for a high return. Simply fill-in our eBay Selling Request, below. There's no obligation. We offer end-to-end, hassle-free eBay sales service. To qualify the total value of your items should be at least $1,000. While most anything can be sold on eBay, the company does have some exceptions. Click here to view a list of items we do not sell.

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Please note, we will not be able to sell for you unless you tell us exactly what you want to sell. Include as much detail as possible. For example, manufacturer, model numbers, certificate of authenticity, age, state and whatever other information might be important for a successful sale.



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