New Clients for Your eBay TA Business

Growing your eBay trading assistant business is now easy. We find customers for your eBay TA business. If you are an experienced eBay TA you can get eBay leads in the territory you specify. All you need to do is qualify as an eBay selling expert. We will then send you request from people and businesses looking for your eBay trading assistant service.

Advertise Your eBay TA Service with Google AdWords Campaigns
We take care of advertising your eBay TA business. We work with the best advertising professionals. Let Google AdWords specialists set up and run your AdWords trading assistant campaigns. Since we run AdWords campaigns for many eBay TAs we can spend days optimizing your eBay trading assistant advertising. So why even bother with AdWords. We take care of it and send you new customer leads. We run your eBay trading assistant advertising while you can focus on servicing your eBay TA clients.

Generate eBay TA Leads & Source Product to Sell on eBay

Acquire new client leads for your eBay trading assistant service. We market your eBay TA business for you. All you need to do is become an eBay selling expert. You then receive eBay TA leads directly into your eMail inbox. Our eBay TA leads are full of valuable items to sell on eBay. On average our eBay TA service requests contain $1000 worth of merchandise to sell on eBay. Become an eBay selling expert and we will email you new customer leads with great product to sell on eBay.

See How We Could Work Together
Contact us and tell us about your eBay TA business. Pick a territory and tell us how many new customers you want per week. We will then send you your personalized proposal.

TA Testimonials

“My business has more then doubled thanks to I can't keep up!”
Cathleen Lewis
eBay ID:  hip-homeschool-mama (6299)

“ brings me great customers that I would not have access to with my own marketing efforts. Last month I got a lead from an ice cream shop that was going out of business. That lead generated over $40,000 of eBay sales.”
Blair Mumford
eBay ID:  rckymtnauctions (1147)

“ provides me with an excellent opportunity to expose my eBay business to my local community. I have used this service for a year and find it a great business tool for a good business minded TA. Highly recommend!”
Jenifer Shimp
eBay ID:  sellitontheinternet (1405)