eBay Selling Expert Requirements

Superior client service and eBay sales expertise distinguishes eBay Selling Experts from regular TAs. Only TAs that qualify as eBay Selling Experts can start receiving eBay leads for their TA business.

eBay TAs with the following characteristics qualify as eBay Selling Experts:

- Adhere to eBay's user agreement for Trading Assistants.
- Completed at least 100 selling transactions on eBay.
- Have great eBay feedback ratings.
- Create well composed auction listings with quality photographs and great item descriptions.
- Answer all inquiries from potential buyers in a timely and thorough fashion.
- Accept PayPal payments.
- Pay sellers promptly after deducting your TA fees from the eBay sales proceeds.
- Have the ability to pick up items or get to the items' location to take pictures.
- Handle all packaging and shipping of items professionally.
- Charge a sales commission not exceeding 45%.

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TA Testimonials

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Cathleen Lewis
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Blair Mumford
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“SellingRequest.com provides me with an excellent opportunity to expose my eBay business to my local community. I have used this service for a year and find it a great business tool for a good business minded TA. Highly recommend!”
Jenifer Shimp
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