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When you're ready to sell your items on eBay, we can turn confusion and clutter into clarity. We not only take away the hassles, but can also garner a higher sales price by providing a stellar feedback reputation.

Here's the simple three step process:

  1. 1. Submit our online Selling Request form, below, and tell us about the items you want to sell.

  2. 2. We match you up with a highly qualified, experienced eBay sellers in your local area. They'll contact you to explain their sales and commission terms, so you can decide whether you want to move forward or not. Remember, there is no obligation when submitting your Selling Request.

  3. 3. Once you decide to move forward, your preferred eBay selling expert does all of the work for you, sending you a proceed check after the final sale is complete. There are no up-front fees.

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