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Get The Highest Sales Revenue For Your Unwanted and Unused Items!

Do you want to sell your items, but lack the eBay know-how to list, administer your auction or get the highest price? Do you want the exposure of the Internet without sacrificing your privacy?

Now, you can benefit from the power of eBay without the time investment or hassles. Simply fill-in our basic selling request, below, telling us what you'd like to sell. Then, a highly qualified, experienced eBay seller in your area will contact you and explain the process.

No Up-Front Fees

Pay nothing until your items sell. When they do, a nominal commission is automatically deducted from your proceeds which equals between 20 to 45 percent of the final sales price.

Once you submit your online selling request, an experienced and highly qualified eBay seller in your area will contact you and give you their exact fee schedule.


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